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YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. I should have posted it a bit sooner but GAH, I WAS LAZEHH... And so I'll be using LJ as my resourcey thing. If I know how to do CSS I might just return. Anyway, My new blog is over here -> http://cravingvanilla.blog126.fc2.com
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I'm so bored right now and I dunno what I should do ;;
Right now I'm waiting till' 2:30 for the mass, I'm inside the library..


(gonna open my twitter)
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I'm doing my project but instead I'm watching this.

I'm staying up all night doing my project i think. XD
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Haha, Its been some time since I posted I guess. I've been so busy at school and my parents doesn't allow me to use the computer during week days. But luckily we don't have classes today XD

So I signed up for writer's guild, I really hope I get the cartoonist part because if I don't get that part then I'll have to go and write articles, but I'm no-good with writing stuff DX
I am so in hetalia mood this week. Maybe because I read too much hetalia. I even watched a lot of hetalia parodies from nicovid and mostly in youtube. My favorite characters are england and russia, they're really cool to me. I also like japan, he's all uke <3 to think that the one who voiced japan was also squalo's ;;

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During history class I was really bored. Even though the teacher performed our class in the AVR, I was bored. We were studying uhh.. asian history then and saw a picture of a map showing main countries of Asia (japan, china, korea, russia etc). So I started thinking about the characters from hetalia -u-;; So I wasn't bored anymore <3

ps. Yesterday I just read all of the extra scanlations of HETALIA~~!  XDD

Current Music: Marukaite chikyuu - hetaria

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I hate them. I hate them. HATE THEM DDX

They can pop up  anywhere, JUST ANYWHERE!
While downloading an nds game from a website, a sudden pop-up came. And it hanged the computer DD: It was 85% already and then it happened D: [I was also reading a yaoi manga and it hanged DD:]

And whenever I go to my FB or multiply, really weird advertisments shows up. D:

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I better think of better titles for my posts :DD

So anyway... I've been adjusting to my new school life [that doesn't make sense  D:] I have new friends and old friends and somewhat... I'm kindda enjoying it now :]

Before I loved reading those shoujo oneshots and two-shots and... SHOUJO STUFF. When I started reading sket dance.. I decided to read other shounen mangas that have like a hundred chapters and stuff but as long as its shounen plus comedy. I get to learn how to draw good poses and other stuff that are kindda interesting like backgrounds which I am not used to draw. I even get to laugh XDD My all-time now is reborn XD

I'm reading eyeshield21 and I'm researching about the band, Big bang... focusing on the leader, g-dragon. Its not like I have a korean crush or something... Its just that I like their songs a bit. BUT J-ROCK IS FRIGGIN' BETTAR :D

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That game is kindda awesome... I deleted it before but I ended up downloading it again.
Yesterday we went to splash island and-- my shoulders hurt D8 I guess its because I needed to carry the freakishly heavy 8-shaped floatie DD: [i dunno what those things called ].. The good thing is there were only a few people during that time and, uhh, I was able to relax and stuff.

I was with my cousin watching this video on youtube in my dad's itouch. I think the video was called, "Ian's first girlfriend" by smosh and its so hilarious XDD (well, I like nigahiga better but I enjoy watching those kind of stuff)

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The internet is back to normal xD

Yesterday we had a korean drama marathon, I just joined in cause' I had nothing better to do other than drawing or playing video games, It was the korean version of hana yori dango, I really had no interest in it but it turned out that I kindda like it :>

My little sister was just reading gakuen alice, she reached chapter 70 for only three days D: She's super addicted. It was some of my fault coz' I was the one who recommended shugo chara to her and she also got addicted. She even wakes up at 6 so she can use the computer.

I forgot what to say... Mostly, before I use the computer, my mind is full of ideas of what I can do if ever I'm using it. Now, my mind is completely blank. Good thing I have this notebook of ideas and stuff but-- I feel lazy using it..

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I had a really weird dream, and KHR characters were there..

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