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14 October
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I've been writing my "bio's" in description style... So I;m changing it XD
username: nasakiyoshii
Name: Vanillapop
gender: female
age: 13
country: Philippines
birthday: October 14
hobbies: drawing, playing NDS, playing TWEWY, browsing art, Watch people drawing [especially in Nicovid XD;;], thinking about stuff, day dreaming, write stuff, use the computer, n' stuff.
bio: well,, I'm the kind of person that doesnt talk alot except for some anime and video games... But, people say I'm the cheerful plus quiet type [DX mostly I'm the quiet type...] Well, I just dont know.. ANYWAY, i got nothing else to say coz I'm at loss of words right now. Imma video game freak and at the same time an anime geek XD [and I love vanilla, that includes milk BTW. ]